Saturday, February 6, 2016

Snow Day

Hello everyone,
I've been away from my blog for a while, but just had to come back to show some pictures of our "snow day" yesterday.
This storm was not originally predicted to be that bad, but it came down continuously all day, coating every tree branch with beautiful white icing. These photos show how enchanting everything looked!

To top it all off, late in the afternoon, the sun came out and the highest branches turned a beautiful yellow, as the ice crystals reflected the sunlight. It was stunning!

And the sun show was followed by a lovely, soft sunset. A poet would have loved writing about this!

I just wanted to share these photos. I've been working on several projects and I'll post pictures and write about them soon.

Wishing everyone a belated "Happy February"!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Creative Play for the New Year

Today I begin my 10th year writing this blog, and this is my 800th post. Yay! When I set out on New Year's Day in 2007, the blog was named "Fabric Art and Crafts" and I can still remember how excited I was at the prospect of sharing my work and connecting with other bloggers. My tech-y daughter got me started with Blogger and, although I've had my ups and downs with consistency, I'm really happy that I've stuck with it. Most of all, I'm so happy with the very good blogging friends I've made along the way.

In the past, I sometimes chose a word or words to inspire me through the year. This year I really feel like playing with art - trying new things I've always wanted to try and making what pleases ME! I used to love painting fabric and I plan to go back to that, plus cut paper, felting, collage and - most enjoyable for me - creating characters in a variety of mediums. Now I'm getting excited and it's time for bed, as I write this at 12:30 am on New year's Eve!

And so, my inspiration words for the year are Creative Play.

I hope you have some creative plans for your year, too. Do you have an inspiration word and something you'd really like to try for the first time? I hope we can share our creations. Leave a comment and I'll visit your blog!

 In the meantime, here's wishing you a very

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve...

The best gift we could give and receive…

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Couple of Things...

Hello friends.
I hope you're doing well during this busy season!
I just wanted to share a couple of things I've completed recently.

I made this flag for a local business. It took 12 hours to cut, fuse and sew it, 
(It is two sided) and the experience taught me that, although I've done flags in the past,
 I no longer want to do this kind of work. A lot of concentrated work!
 But I was glad that it came out well.

I also finished this little embroidery.
My friend Barbara had given me some pieces of her beautiful Liberty 
of London fabrics, so I made this little girl (with a L of L jumper) for her.

I used colored pencils in addition to hand embroidery. A little cutie!

And last weekend my husband and I went to an open studio event where
we purchased this beautiful stained glass art from an artist friend, Joanne Jolly-Kay
We hung it in our front window as soon as we got home and it's such a pleasure to
see it every morning when we get up. Love it!

Finally, I got a kick out of our cat Rosie tonight. I was watching the movie 
"Winged Migration" when Rosie suddenly plopped herself down in front of
the TV and watched with great attention for twenty minutes! I think the sounds
of the birds caught her attention, then the motion of their flight pulled her in.

I hope that everyone who reads this is having a lovely
holiday season, not too stressful and including some time spent with friends.
I'm looking forward to a Christmas party tomorrow night with my 
Arts Collaborative friends and colleagues!!

See you soon!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Giving Challenge

One of my favorite magazines is Flow, subtitled "A Magazine for Paper Lovers".  It is a bit pricey and  I usually walk by it a couple of times in a book store before giving in and indulging - but it calls to me, with its beautiful illustrations, interesting articles and great inspiration. I also follow the Flow Facebook page and today I read an inspiring post about an article  in the magazine's newest issue. The article is called "The Gifts of Giving" and is written by Nina Siegal. In it, Nina writes about being inspired to give something away, every day for a month. The experience was transformational for her, and her personal life began to improve as she found something to give away each and every day.
I've decided to take on this challenge, especially appealing during this giving season. I had already given away something today, before even reading the article, and there are so many other things I could share, be they donations, compliments, gifts, help, kindness… I find giving to be a bit exhilarating, so this should be a very happy month!
Would you like to join me?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

What I've been Working On

Hello Friends!
Last Thursday we had our Arts Collaborative show, on the same night that our town celebrated "Fright Night". Our high school students carved what looked like a hundred or more pumpkins and they were lit and displayed on the expansive outside stairs of our library. An awesome display! (Of course I forgot my camera!)
Our show was at the former Gas and Light building downtown, which is going to be used as a Cultural Exchange in our town. A new G & L building was erected and this old building is going to be a wonderful resource. Our show was the first event held there and very exciting!!
Part of the night was a chance for little trick or treaters to visit local stores and get candy, so we had a flow of tiny princesses and superheroes milling about, along with their parents. A fun night!

In preparation for the show, I worked on a couple of older pieces, adding new elements and borders. This first floral is above in the header of my blog, as it looked before. I added more leaves, embroidery and beads, and a new white outer border.

This second piece was done quite a while ago, and I added embroidery, beading and appliqué in the foreground. I remember spending a long time machine embroidering this picture, but I think the hand work adds texture and interest.

This piece never quite got finished. You can see the thread where I left off beading. The elements are ready, the vase shape needs to be modified, and all I have to do is finish it before I tuck it away!!

Now that the show is over, I really want to take a breather. I feel myself wanting to try some different things, different materials, different subjects. I'll still keep up my sketchbook and will share with you whatever I decide to do.
To my friends and readers, you are just a handful of people, but very dear to me. I really appreciate your comments and friendship. Thank you!!

Have a wonderful week!!!